Jun 13 2013

Mysterious Creature Discovered on Beach.

Washed up on the beach shore, a mysterious sea monster was found by Margaret and Nick Flippence who made it a habit of exercising their dogs on the beach at Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.

In the summer of 2011 The couple who lives nearby were stunned when they happened upon a 30 foot long carcass of a some unknown sea creature rotting on the beach.

Perplexing Dead Carcass Found

Could this be a relative of the infamous Loch Ness Monster, some new yet to be identified living fossil from the deep, or maybe another giant sturgeon
like the one found in 2002 washed up on the shore of folly beach.

beach-creature-curiousThe unidentified creatures rotting body was found curled up at the foot of the sand dunes, its head, tail and teeth were all discernible.

The news of the find caused quite a sensation all across the internet with theories ranging the body is that of a baby whale to the remnants of a government experiment gone wrong.

The body according to Rob Deville, marine life expert at London zoowas most likely that of a pilot whale, which had died long before its body was washed ashore by the tide.

Who knows what kind of creatures that lurk deep below the ocean waters, not until 1976 was the megamouth shark even discovered and that was only by accident.


Found on a beach never the bridge of don