Jun 13 2013

Marine Monster Found on Beach

A odd sea creature, weighing 1,300 pounds, was discovered washed up on the beach.

In March of 2012 be beach goers at South Carolina’s Folly beach were shocked when they stumbled on what was speculated to be a dead sea monster.

Puzzling Marine Monster Discovered

The internet was abuzz with chatter as images were posted and shared on news sites, message boards, and social media like twitter and facebook.

Was it a sea monster? A genetic mutation? Or maybe a government experiment gone wrong?

Dr. Shane Boylan of the south carolina Aquarium was one of the first to identify this monster by its shape and distinctive bony plates.

This beast from the abyss was, to everyone including my own’s disappointment, just an Atlantic Sturgeon.


While sturgeon are smong some of the oldest bony fish to exist, it was not the hoped for living dinosaur or an offspring of a mermaid and el chupacabra.

The creature in the picture looks to be about 10 feet which is in line with sturgeons that can reach up to 15 feet in length and weighing over 500 pounds
or as in the case of this video, the fish weighed over 1300 pounds and took over a dozen men to lift it.

Sturgeons are normally lighter in color with a silvery sheen, but in the photo was a strange brown color, due to its decomposing in the heat of the sun.

Sturgeons are not the only fish mistaken for monsters.

There is the oarfish a long, nearly finless fish with large round eyes, and a serpentine body that has been reported at over 50 feet long

And Gar, which can reach lengths over 10 feet long and over 350 pounds.

Although this may not be the proof monsters exist that we all hoped for, scientists are always discovering new species every year as technology develops that allow us.


An Atlantic Sturgeon