Apr 21

Meet the World’s Largest Rabbit, Darius

When most children picture the Easter Bunny, they picture him to be nearly human height and stature. Seems very unrealistic compared to the normal sized bunny, which is significantly smaller, weighing on average about eight pounds and measuring less than a foot in length. In the United Kingdom, there is a rabbit that is big enough to be a believable Easter Bunny measuring over four feet in length and weighing over fifty pounds!

darius and mia

This beastly rabbit is bigger than its caretaker, six-year old Mia. Darius is the world’s largest rabbit, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. The rabbit eats on average at least twelve carrots a day, and is always trying to sneak more. His owner, sixty-two year old Annette Edwards has considered putting him on a diet, but it is hard to deprive Darius because he has such a warm and loving personality.

darius and mia

It gets quite expensive to feed Darius says Annette. Not only does Darius eat carrots, he has a wide variety in his diet everyday. it costs Annette over 200 pounds to feed the rabbit. In one month, Darius will eat 360 carrots, 60 bowls of rabbit feed, 30 apples, 15 bales of cabbage, 1 bale of hay, as well as digestive biscuits for good behavior.


Darius is a very pleasant bunny to be around, and the family loves having him as a pet. They treat him much like a dog. He sits on the sofa and watches television with the family, and be petted and carried, despite his large size. He is always hopping around the house, so Annette had to block off certain areas of the house. Guests are always impressed by Darius’ pleasant behavior and enormous size. Darius comes from a large family of bunnies, but is by far the largest. His mother, Alice, held the record before him.

Apr 21

Are Horse Drawn Carriages Animal Cruelty?

Horses have been used by humans for centuries. They have been attached to carriages, ridden cross country, and through battle. These days, humans are much less dependent on horses, but still use them for certain things, such as in Central Park, horse drawn carriages are still a very popular means of transportation.


Having to work long hours in the snowy cold, pulling hundreds of pounds, and being confined to small quarters has stirred much controversy with animal rights’ activists. They often protest with signs saying “Horse Drawn Carriages Are Cruelty to Animals.” The mayor of New York City, Bill e Blasia has responded to these protests by proposing to replace the horse drawn carriages with vintage style electric cars. This, he presumes, will still attract tourists and still be environmentally friendly.


Hollywood actor, Liam Neesen is not having it, and has spoken out against both the protestors and the mayor. Neeson says that the horses are not being mistreated. Neesen argued in a New York Times editorial that “It has been my experience, always, that horses, much like humans, are at their happiest and healthiest when working.” In response to Neesen’s response on the subject, nearly fifty protesters gathered with signs outside of the star’s apartment.

Liam Neeson

With signs featuring images of dead horses with captions saying, “worked to death,” and others pointing fingers at animal cruelty, the protestors were not budging. One impassioned protestor ranted, “Horses don’t belong in traffic, surrounded by buses. They don’t belong in the city; it’s outdated, it’s cruel. Life attached to a carriage with a poop bag attached to your rear end – that’s no life.”

Apr 20

Family Van Bursts Into Flames in Lion Enclosure!

Earlier this week as a family was driving through the Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire ran into some bad luck when their van began to overheat. After smoke ensued the vehicle, they were forced to abandon the vehicle. Little did they realize their van had broken down in the middle of the park’s lion enclosure. Even worse, after the family had taken a few steps away from the smoking van, it burst into flames!


The mother with her two children found themselves stranded in the most unfortunate place possible. Within the enclosure, lives twelve fierce, wild lions. Luckily, the family escaped the van before it exploded, but the second they stepped out of the van, they would find themselves in one of the most dangerous and riskiest situations one could find themselves in. They could have easily been a snack to a pride of one of the most dangerous species of predators to live on this planet.


It was a tough day on the job for the rangers at this park. Not only did they have to come to rescue the mother and her children, they also had to deal with a flaming van in the middle of the park. Terrified visitors of the park, watched as the park rangers coaxed the lions away as they lead the family to safety.

female lion

Luckily, in this potentially deadly situation, nobody or no animals were harmed in any way. The lions were led to their cages, while the fire department showed up to extinguish and remove the van from the enclosure. The park had to be closed for a small portion of the day, but was reopened shortly after the incident.

Apr 18

Cats Gone Wild

As far as appearances go, Khat the cat is one of the most angelic, sweet and lovable kittens the world has to offer. According to his owners, this California native has always been calm and pacified. Earlier this week, Khat reached his breaking point, and three members of his household were sent to the hospital.


This was completely out of character for the feline. The owners were completely shocked. ‘He’s never been an aggressive cat, he’s never been mean, he just flipped,” said his owner, which asked to remain anonymous. THe cat that was usually so calm, shockingly began to claw and hiss uncontrollably for no apparent reason. He scratched the legs of the owner’s ten year old nephew, leaving deep gashes after he latched on to the poor child. He also scratched the face of the owner’s sister, and the arms and legs of his mother.

The terrorized family called the police department desperate for help. The case was forwarded to the fire department, which showed up minutes after the initial attacks, when Khat and the family was still shaken and stirred. Head of the fire department, Derek Carey said a case like this was a first for him. After a few minutes of hassling with the cat, he said, “we tried to push it into a cage, and it grabbed on to my engineer’s boot and turnout bottom and was hissing and going off.” The firefighters eventually had to throw a fire blanket over the raging feline and use a metal pole to nudge him into the cage.


This is not first case like this for 2014. Another cat-astrophe that forced owners to call 911 happened just a month earlier. A cat named Lux began terrorizing his family in Oregon, forcing them to get the police involved. The explanations of these sporadic attacks by the cats are still a mystery.

Apr 18

Woman Guilty of Animal Cruelty Sentence to Some Hard Time in Prison

Animal cruelty is one thing that so sadly exists in this world today. To make it even worse many criminals of this subject are often let off the hook with little to no jail time or punishment. Earlier this week, justice was served in the case of the recent death of six animals. Three helpless dogs and cats were recently left alone in a woman’s house to starve.

dog and cat

41 year-old Toni Phelps’ house was foreclosed by a bank back in 2012. One thing she forgot to take with her on her move was her poor pets. They were left in the abandoned home all alone only to starve to death.


Remnants of the pets were found years later after a policeman obtained a warrant to search the house after supposedly seeing a dead animal through one of the windows. The scene was quite tragic. It was reported that the animals tried eating trash, furniture and other non edibles around the house in order to try to survive. After futile attempts in court to try to redeem and justify her actions, Phelps was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for this charge. She was reportedly crying in court, but nobody feels sorry for this woman; her sentence will not be nearly as much suffering as she inflicted on her poor animals.


She said that she left the animals in her boyfriend’s care, and according to the paper, she even went so far to claim that someone broke in the house and left the animals there. The judge wanted to hear no more and said, ‘Frankly, Ms. Phelps, you’re going to jail because this is just terrible.” He continued with, “All you had to do is call someone on the phone,’ said the judge. ‘All you had to do was open the door. To allow them to die in this fashion is terrible.”

Apr 16

Hippos Vs Crocodiles!

Hippos and crocodiles are among the fiercest of all of the dangerous predators that lurk in Africa. Can you imagine hundreds of them at once in a small area of a river facing off? Wildlife photographer Mark Mol witnessed this incredible and unique event in South Laungwa National Park in Zambia.

crocodiles and hippos

The hippos, which are usually the most deadly creatures, were in no mood to fight the crocodiles, possibly because they were outnumbered. As the crocodiles snuck up on the hippos, they fled the scene as quickly as they could. Only one hippo that did not make it became a wholesome dinner for many crocodiles.

hippos and crocidiles

These astounding photographs were taken with a microlight from a helicopter. One thing that the photographer and pilot found interesting was that only the crocodiles seemed to notice the helicopter flying overhead. The photographer made a point that this could very well be an allusion to back when pterodactyls flew above them in the prehistoric days. Mr. Mol said it was a thrilling and amazing experience; one I’ll never forget.”


The death of the hippo that was feasted on, the photographer suspected, was not killed by the crocodiles but by something within the water. “The hot weather was relentless but it was likely this hippo died from anthrax which lies dormant for many years but can get stirred up if the dry season is an extended one.” The dangerous substance can kill instantly upon ingestion, and many animals have died as a result of just drinking water from a river. This terrible substance that has even been used in terrorist attacks, at times outbreaks naturally in the rivers of Africa. In this deadly country, it is important to take special caution against hippos, crocodiles and even Anthrax.

Apr 15

One Woman Vs Five Black Bears

Earlier this week a terrible tragedy befell a forty-four year old woman in a small Florida town. As she was cleaning her garage as she would on a any other ordinary day, a black bear barged in, dragged her out and began to maul her savagely. As Frana recollected her memory to NBC, she was shaken and teary-eyed. She recalled how after taking on the horror of the one bear that dragged her from her home, she was then faced with the rest of what was presumed to be its family. Five black bears against one woman.

black bear

Frana is very lucky to be alive. After miraculously escaping from the family of large black bears, she was rushed to the hospital where she immediately received thirty staples in her scalp and ten stitches in her forehead.


Black bears are usually not so aggressive with humans, which is why this occurrence was so shocking to Floridians. With the sightings of black bears escalating at such a rapid rate (nearly doubling since last year) people have become more accustomed and passive to seeing the bears around, as was Frana and her family. It is assumed that some bears are more aggressive during this specific time of the year, since they have just woken up from hibernation and are scavenging for food.


Frana’s story along with a few other bear attacks that have recently happened in Florida this year have gained a lot of attention. People in Florida are warned to be even more cautious and careful to steer clear of the wild animals. Wildlife officials are even taking effort to attempt to catch the bear that attacked Frana. They have already shot and euthanized multiple bears this year that have shown to be aggressive and a threat to humans.

Apr 13

Attack In Alligator Alley, Florida

This weekend a man was rushed on a helicopter to the nearest hospital after being attacked by one of the deadliest reptiles on the planet. The attack happened while a young couple got out of their vehicle on Highway I-75, which is also referred to as Alligator Alley after they spotted an alligator. As they were approaching the river to get a close up view of the large, beastly and deadly creature, the man was attacked by…. a snake?!


Talk about bad luck!  What the couple thought was an alligator wasn’t, so they didn’t get to see an alligator like they wanted, and had to take immediate action to find out if the young man’s life was in jeopardy.  Thankfully, right after the 29 year-old male was bitten by the snake, the couple snapped a photograph of the reptile to help doctors identify it more quickly to get treatment to the young man that was bitten started as soon as possible.

water moccasin

As if the situation wasn’t disheartening enough for the young couple, the snake was identified to be extremely venomous. The snake is known as the Agkistrodon piscivorus, or more commonly the water moccasin. The snake specifically is also called the cottonmouth because of its pale oral cavity. It is one of the few venomous snakes that naturally inhabit North America.

cottonmouth snake

This snake belongs to the family of pit vipers, which is also kin to Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. Though they are predators, they do not usually attack humans. The only reason for the attack in this case was because the young man accidentally stepped on the reptile. Because of the inconspicuous colors of the snake, accidents like this are easy to happen. Many people aren’t aware that water moccasins are actually extremely poisonous, and a bite from one can be fatal if not treated. The young man was lucky to survive this attack, and should probably stay away from reptiles for a while.

Apr 11

Cockroaches Are Helping Us Find a Cure to Cancer

Cancer treatment has made much progress over the years, but it is still surprising that there is not yet a more easy and successful treatment that what we have available today. A new discovery in the science world that could possibly be used in the future to eventually cure cancer and other diseases was recently made at a University in Israel.  One involving… cockroaches? The new discovery is the potential of the injection of nanobots. Scientists are currently injecting cockroaches with nanobots as they further test their hypothesis.


A nanobot is a made from DNA strands, and is thought to have great potential. It is capable of folding, unfolding and unraveling itself, and has a large capacity of storage space. With these capabilities, nanobots can perform a wide variety of functions, similar to that of a computer. Scientists expect that soon, nanobots can be implanted with programming and treatment that can diagnose and possibly even cure cancer and other diseases. Since a cockroach was just successfully injected with nanobots, scientists are very hopeful.


Though this process is not nearly advanced enough yet, and will take nearly five years before preliminary trials on humans can take place, this is truly an exciting development. By injecting cockroaches with nanobots, scientists are basically transforming the creature into somewhat of a cyborg that can possibly treat itself after the injection eventually. Not only could nanobots hold great value for medical treatments, but who knows what other discoveries could arise from this scientific breakthrough?


Who would have thought that the creatures that are so often poisoned, stomped on, or swatted could be so important to such an advancement in humanity?

Apr 09

Baby Bear Cub Euthanized To Escape Father’s Torment

Much controversy has stemmed this year from the culling of animals in zoos this year. First a young giraffe was put down in a zoo in Copenhagen, then some lions, and now in Switzerland, a young bear cub was just euthanized.

baby bear

In 2009, a pair of brown bears named Misha and Masha were gifted to Dahlholzi Zoo by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. In early 2014, Misha gave birth to two cubs, which were left unnamed. Both of the cubs are no longer living. Earlier this month, the father bear, Masha, tormented, mauled and eventually ended the life of one of his own cubs, which resulted in the zoo’s decision to euthanize the other bear cub.


The fact that these bears are not in their natural habitat will sometimes cause them to misbehave, act strangely, or not fulfill their duties. In nature, it is the mother bear’s duty to protect her young against those that may attack, which can sometimes be the father. Misha rejected her responsibility of serving as a protector to her cubs and did nothing while one of her cubs was killed. This was not necessarily surprising, considering these bears are held in captivity. Sometimes the mother herself will even kill her cubs when in captivity.

cub and father

Since Masha had already killed one of the cubs, was getting aggressive towards the other, and that Misha was not doing anything to prevent it, the zoo came to the difficult decision of euthanizing the bear. If they had left it alive in the same small habitat with its father, it would have eventually been ripped apart by him. Animal activists protest that they could have sent him somewhere else, or made a separate cage for the cub within the habitat. The life of the bears in the zoo is restrained enough. The zoo claimed that it would have been far crueler to place the young cub in such strict isolation.

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