Nov 23 2015

13 Most Amazing Animal Hybrids

#13 Mule (Equus asinus x Equus caballus) Sire – Donkey (Equus asinus) Dam – Horse (Equus caballus) Size – 820-1000 pounds (372-454 kg)   The mule is a hardy, sure footed hybrid that has been around almost as long as horses and donkeys have been domesticated. They are known for being highly intelligent, stubborn, and …

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Nov 12 2015

8 Giant Snake Photos Explained

Some of the BIGGEST snakes in the world, these 8 incredible images of giant snakes are broken down and explained. 8 Massive Snake Images #8 FLUFFY The Story: Fluffy is the world’s largest snake. The Truth: Fluffy was the largest snake in the world and was entered into the Guinness World Records in 2009. Bred …

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Nov 12 2015

25 Animals That Will Kill You!

Beware! Here are 25 vicious and sometimes SNEAKY animals that will kill you. These are the most dangerous animals on the planet. 25 Deadly Animals #25 BEAR Although they generally avoid people, bears can be very dangerous, especially grizzly bears and polar bears.  It’s odd that there are so many childhood stories about lovable bears …

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Nov 09 2015

20 Bizarre Beach Findings

From strange & mysterious creatures found washed ashore to unimaginable items that will shock you, today we count 20 insane things discovered on beaches. Have you ever arrived at your favorite beach destination to find something completely unexpected? Well these people have, watch the video from Embrace Random and let me know how you would …

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Nov 05 2015

Strange Things People Eat!

From dishes brewed with maggots to eggs that have been aged to taste as if they were a thousand years old, these are the ten most bizarre things people eat from around the world. Top 10 Weirdest Foods From Around the World Would you ever eat any of these weird foods? I’ve tried a lot …

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Nov 02 2015

Eight Giant Shark Photos Explained


  Jaws started it all in 1975, but Spielberg’s twenty-five foot great white shark wasn’t enough to satisfy our longing for gigantic deep sea monsters.  From marketing campaigns and hoaxes to the real thing we give you eight giant shark photos explained!     Number Eight. Shark Crop Circle Could Aliens have used advanced technology …

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Oct 29 2015

13 Living Species that are Extremely Ancient

From 118 million-year-old goblin sharks to half a billion-year-old jellyfish, we count down 13 of the oldest living species on our planet.     13. FRILLED SHARK – 150 MILLION YEARS OLD The frilled shark is the oldest known shark species that’s still alive, and they are less evolved than any other shark, which explains why …

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Oct 23 2015

10 Creatures Associated With Sleep Paralysis

sleep paralysis ghost

  Chances are you’ve experienced the traumatizing event known as sleep paralysis. Imagine this: you’ve just had a nightmare, and you woke up in a cold sweat with an immense dread overwhelming you but something invisible and heavy is crushing your chest, and to top it all off, you’re paralyzed. Many cultures have come up …

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Oct 21 2015

Mythical Creatures That Might Actually Exist

kraken cryptid real

The world is full of stories about mythical creatures, supernatural beasts, and monsters of the night. For centuries we have passed these myths along from one generation to the next, bringing these monsters to life. These stories have remained alive mainly because it’s easy to believe that there is more out there. Every story, no …

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Oct 19 2015

Animal Superpowers You Won’t Believe Exist

naked mole rat

The natural world, and the kingdom of animals who inhabit it, presents to us a cornucopia of real life magic. The child’s play of science fiction flounders when it is brought up against some of the superpowers that animals, depicted in this article, possess. You won’t believe your eyes:   #12 Immunity We can see …

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Oct 15 2015

Signs That Mermaids Really Exist

real mermaid body

We have all heard the myths and legends speaking of mermaids, Stories of mermaids date all the way back to Paleolithic times. When something dates back to a time before science was even prevalent it makes it a bit harder to deny the authenticity of the information. So why all the skepticism?     9. For …

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Oct 14 2015

Top 5 Best Vampire Movies Ever Made

lost boys movie

Arguably the greatest monsters to ever grace the silver screen, vampires have been creeping their way into our imaginations through the visual medium of cinema for over a century now, beginning with ‘Vampire of the Coast’ released in 1909. Since then there’s been hundreds, if not thousands, of vampire films made.  From the gore-filled meant …

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Oct 07 2015

The Deadliest Jellyfish in the World

  A 20-year old German tourist named Thies Saskia was enjoying a beautiful evening of swimming off the coast of Koh Samui, Thailand, when things took a fatal turn. She got entangled in the long poisonous tentacles of a box jellyfish that had been lurking in the water nearby. After being horribly stung multiple times, the …

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Oct 07 2015

12 Hidden Animals You Can’t Spot

pygmy seahorse

Nature is packed full of astonishing creatures with incredible abilities to adapt to their environment and thereby prolong their survival. One of the most fascinating and startling of these abilities is the natural camouflage many animals are capable of, enabling them to blend in so perfectly with their surroundings that human eyes – and those …

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